Counselling for women and girls in Bochum

We offer advice to all women and girls aged 16 and over

If you

  • are in a difficult life situation

  • want to solve personal problems

  • want to overcome a crisis

  • have to make decisions

or you are on your way

  • to replan your life

  • to change your personal relationships

  • to overcome obstacles

  • to tackle a new task

or you have experienced or are at risk of violence, and

  • you would like to get information about the „Gewaltschutzgesetz“/Protection against Violence Act

  • you need support to explore your options to do something

  • you want to get to know possibilities for safe environments and protection

  • you strive for a secure and non-violent future

we at NORA will offer you
advice and support with experienced, qualified female counsellors

Our advice is

  • biased for women

  • specialist, competent and professional

  • free of charge and confidential

and of course

  • all female counsellors are trained professionals

  • our offer is independent from authorities and other institutions

  • our counsellors are bound to confidentiality

  • information talks that take place only once are possible as well as longer-term consulting processes

  • you can remain anonymous if you wish

Network-Orientation-Rights-Alternatives - NORA e.V.

NORA e.V. was founded in Bochum in 1994 and opened the counselling centre for women and girls in Kortumstraße in 2001.

We support women and girls to act independently and under their own responsibility. We want to encourage women and girls to discover their abilities and develop their skills, to trust their perception, to take their wishes and needs seriously and to represent their interests.

We are committed to combat social relationships of violence from which women and children suffer, gender based violence and we are comitted to the interests of women and girls.

We are well networked regionally and nationally.

NORA E.V. is a member of the association "Der Paritätische NRW" and of „Bundesverband der Frauenberatungsstellen bf“ /the Federal Association of Women's Counselling Centres (bf).